Hermione Granger from the wizarding world of Harry Potter had dentists for parents!  "Is that considered a dangerous profession?" asks Professor Slughorn.  Is dentistry a dangerous profession?  Not when it's built on trust and respect!

At Randall Oaks Dental, the patient-doctor relationship is built on the pillars of mutual trust & respect.  Earning trust happens through open, clear communication.  Our team takes the time to get to know each and every patient in order to enhance the dental experience so that "dental phobia" is not an obstacle to a health mouth.

As a result, patients at Randall Oaks Dental become part of our dental family!  We enjoy creating smiles and helping families and individuals of the community achieve a lifetime of oral health.

Just like Dr. Granger, Dr. Dan has been bitten in the line of duty -- no stitches necessary -- more of a love bite than anything malicious.  Dr. Dan's dedication to the profession has set him as a community leader promoting oral health and awareness.

We would love to meet you and have you become part of our dental family!  If you have any questions about gum disease or abscesses, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.