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March 06, 2019
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If you're concerned about the health of a tooth which is cracked, decayed or otherwise unhealthy, a dental crown from Dr. Dan Adamo at dental crownsRandall Oaks Dental in Carpentersville may be your treatment of choice. Crafted with high-grade, lifelike ceramic, your new crown can support and protect your tooth.

Improve many aspects of your dental health

A dental crown, or cap, improves the appearance, health and function of an ailing tooth as it replaces damaged enamel above the gum line. Some teeth which need crowns are simply decayed or have many fillings.

To see if a dental crown would help you, your Carpentersville dentist will inspect your tooth and X-ray it. Then, Dr. Adamo will take oral impressions which help the dental lab custom-craft and color your crown.

To accept a crown, your tooth must be reworked in shape and size to remove flawed enamel and so it fits together with the finished restoration. You'll wear a temporary cap over the prepared tooth while your new permanent crown is made at the lab. At your final appointment at Randall Oaks Dental, you'll receive your new crown, firmly cemented in place with a strong, permanent adhesive.

Besides capping a single tooth, a crown can cover a dental implant, today's best tooth replacement choice. If a patient needs a conventional bridge to span a smile gap, Dr. Adamo will use crowns on either side of the prosthetic to anchor it to natural teeth.

Preserving your crown

Care for your new crown with twice daily brushing and once daily flossing to keep crown margins plaque-free. Watch what you eat so you do not crack your crown or dislodge it. If you grind your teeth, a bite guard may be recommended.

Come see us

At Randall Oaks Dental, we love to see our patients smile with good health and self-confidence. To learn if a crown could help your smile, call our office for an appointment: (224) 484-8221.