How To Know When To Seek Emergency Dental Care

Wondering if your dental problem requires immediate medical attention?

Dental emergencies happen more often than we would like to imagine. When a problem happens do you know how to handle it? While you may know that a concussion or a serious health problem requires going to your ER, it isn’t always as clear when an emergency can be addressed by our Carpentersville, IL, emergency dentist Dr. Dan Adamo. Here are the signs of an emergency dental situation:

A toothache 

Yes, something as simple as a toothache should be evaluated right away by our Carpentersville, IL, emergency dentist and his team. After all, your tooth is in pain for a reason, and the sooner we detect the problem the sooner your tooth can get the treatment it needs. A toothache can be a sign of decay, gum disease, an infected tooth, or a cracked tooth.

A loose tooth 

While a loose tooth can be exciting for kids, once your permanent teeth are in place, experiencing a loose tooth is definitely a cause for concern. After all, your teeth make it possible to eat, speak, and bite. Everything from advanced gum disease to a traumatic injury can lead to a loose tooth. The good news is that many times the tooth can be reattached if the problem is addressed as soon as possible. Act fast!

You have a swollen jaw 

A swollen jaw is an indication of a serious infection, so it’s important that you seek immediate medical attention to prevent further complications related to this infection. In some cases, this may be due to a bacterial infection, which will require antibiotics. If your swollen jaw is accompanied by trouble swallowing or fever, it’s important that you call Dr. Adamo right away.

You have an abscessed tooth

While an abscessed tooth will most likely cause dental pain, it can also cause sudden tooth sensitivity, fever, and a swollen face. This pocket of infection, caused by bacteria, will need to be drained by our emergency dentist right away in order to save the tooth. In some cases, Dr. Adamo will also need to perform an emergency root canal to preserve the healthy parts of the tooth.

Our Carpentersville, IL, emergency dentist Dr. Adamo provides room in his schedule every day to accommodate urgent dental matters. If you need emergency dental care, call Randall Oaks Dental right away at (224) 484-8221. We are here to help!

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