The Importance Of Preventive Care

Preventive care from your dentist in Carpentersville, IL, can protect your smile.

Preventive dental care can mean the difference between a healthy smile, and a smile full of dental problems. In fact, preventive care provides the foundation which will help you enjoy a healthy smile for life.

Dr. Dan Adamo at Randall Oaks Dental in Carpentersville, IL, offers a wide range of dental services, including preventive care to protect your smile.

One reason preventive dental care is important is that keeping your mouth healthy can help lower your risk of serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Preventive dental care can also:

  • Dramatically lower your risk of tooth decay, dental abscesses, and other dental problems
  • Dramatically lower your risk of gum disease and periodontal disease
  • Provide knowledge, tools, and techniques so you can keep your smile healthy at home between dental appointments

During your preventive dental visit, your dentist will:

  • Take x-rays and perform other diagnostic services; x-rays help your dentist identify areas of decay, and allow them to take a look at the bone that supports your teeth. Loss of bone around your teeth may indicate you have periodontal disease.
  • Do a comprehensive dental exam; during your dental exam, your dentist will check your existing restorations and look for fillings that might be leaking. They will also check your gums for any bleeding or evidence of disease.
  • Do an oral cancer exam; your dentist will check your tongue, cheeks, the roof of your mouth, and other areas for any suspicious changes in your soft tissue. They will also check under your chin and throat for any swollen lymph nodes, which could indicate infection.

You should have a dental examination including x-rays every 6 to 12 months to keep your smile healthy. To learn more about the importance of preventive care and how it can protect your smile, call Dr. Adamo of Randall Oaks Dental in Carpentersville, IL, at (224) 484-8221 now!

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